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New flavors of pops will be launched very soon.

Pakfoods offical website launched.

Pak food is serving its customers with a wide range of snacks food. When it comes to adding a temptation to relaxing moments in life Pak foods is always serve its customer as tasty snacks. Our exotic flavors and variety demonstrate our customers needs and wants. Focusing on nutritional aspects of our target market our products provide our customer with additional calories and our products become a source of instant energy. Whether it is a break time on a tuck shop or evening tea or memorable moments of recreational visits our snacks keeps you energetic and flavors make you enthusiastic.
                                               "Adding Taste to Life"

Pak food is known for its unique positioning in the market. Taking a step forward from this humble foundation, Pak foods moved up the ladder of success by innovating and introducing different snacks brands to suit every taste and pocket, which is sold from retail outlets all over the Pakistan.

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